YES, exercise is fun and will get you in shape, to an extent. The cold hard truth is that your commitment to your health & fitness can’t end in the gym – it must carry over to the kitchen with your nutrition.


Our nutrition coaching is macronutrient based and personalized for YOU. We take YOUR lifestyle and goals into consideration to figure out a game plan so that you are confident that you are eating to reach those goals. The CrossFit H Dub Nutrition Group is the first step in reaching your nutritional and body composition goals.

Members in this group get access to a Private Facebook group where they are paired with a coach. Through the Facebook page, members check-in on a weekly basis. This check-in allows your coach to change up the client's individualized nutrition protocol based on their weekly feedback and progress. Not only will you have a coach to hold you accountable, you will also have everyone in the program to hold each other accountable. All communication will occur for the entire group to see within the Facebook page. This is in order for others to stay motivated, see the progress of others, and to also learn from what others are doing, experiencing, and achieving. Members are also encouraged to post questions, motivational info, and other beneficial material for others to see and stay engaged. Of course, texting and emailing you coaches is always allowed!

Upon joining the group, participants will be emailed a questionnaire, waiver, monthly agreement, and intro email explaining the program and how to proceed. Participants will be billed monthly on the same day as their first payment. Participants agree to a recurring monthly contract with 15 days notice of cancelling. People may join and/or leave the group at any time while the program is running.

The following before/after photos are clients who took part in a 6-week program.

If you’re interested in Nutrition Coaching or would like more info, fill out the form and we will contact you to set up an initial consultation and fitness assessment.

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